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Our Services


We specialize in Excavating for Building Foundations, Garages, Sheds, Pools, Ditches, Utility Trenches and much more.

I.C.F Construction & Foundations

Tor Contracting is fully trained and certified specializing in the industries leading Nudura ICF Products to construct Full Basements Foundations and Houses.

ICF: Insulated Concrete Forms

Drainage Systems

We specialize in Driveway, Garage, Building & Yard Drainage with the installation of Channel Drains, French Drains, Catch Basins, Sump Pumps & De-Watering Systems


We offer Driveway, Yard & all Drainage Culvert replacements and new installations. 

Grading & Land Clearing

We offer Driveway Grading, Lot Clearing, Site Grading, Grubbing and more.


We specialize in Structural Concrete for any of your concrete flat work projects like; Hot Tub Pads, Garage Floors, Sidewalks, Basements, Patios, Driveways, etc.

Waterproofing & Foundation Repairs

We specialize in a variety of Foundation Repairs for Structural Cracks, Water Leakage, Parging and much more with our modern 3 Stage Waterproofing and Injection methods.


We are fully equipped for your projects Interior Demolition, Concrete Removals, Garage, Shed & House Demolition as well.

Utility Trenching

Tor Contracting is fully equipped to Excavate all Utility Trenches whether for Sump Pumps, Hydro, Gas, Sewer or Water.

Disposal Bin Rentals & Haulage

Tor Contracting is fully equipped with 10 to 20 yard Disposal Bins and with an Equipment Float for either your Waste Disposal needs or moving your equipment and job materials around from site to site.

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