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  • What Do Your Rates Included?
    We have two different rental rates available for you. The first being our Regular Rate which includes a 7 day Rental Term, Delivery, Pick up and 1 metric tonne of Disposal included. Any additionally weight will be charged at our rate per metric tonne (see online booking link for updated pricing). Our second rate is an "All In" rate. Which includes: 7 day Rental Term, Delivery, Pick up and all Disposal Fees Included. There will be no additional fees (see Rental Policy/ Agreement for what can and cannot go into bin).
  • What can I put in the Bin?
    Household & Construction Waste Is defined as all Household items, Construction or Renovation Materials such as Wood Waste, Dimensional Lumber, Carpet, Windows, Bulky Rigid Plastics, Couches, Mattress’, etc. NO SHINGLES, CONCRETE, BRICK, ASPHALT or SOIL should be mixed with in an “ALL-IN Rate” Bin. If Items listed above are added with in an “ALL-IN Rate” bin, additional charges will/ may be applied. Please call, email or text the office for uncertain items. Clean Fill Is defined as Concrete (NO REBAR), Interlock, Brick, Masonry Block, Dirt, Grass or Asphalt. The quoted price is for one clean fill item only as clean fill items can NOT be mixed. If items are mixed in the same bin the bin will be considered as “Difficult Waste” with an additional fee of $325 on top of the rental price for sorting. If any other type of garbage, steel or waste is mixed into a clean fill bin, it will be considered and charged as “Difficult Mixed Waste” with an additional tipping fee of $325/ metric tonne on top of the rental price as this will have to be dumped, sorted and screened. Extra Charges Cancellation Fee: $30 (Credit Card Processing Fee) Overloaded: Higher than Max Fill Line/ Level Load Line by 6 inches - $100 Freon: (Air conditioners, freezers, refrigerators, any unit with freon) $50 each item Tires: $20 each Additional Travel Fee: $60 (For Failed attempts of Pickup & Deliveries) Wait Fee: $95/hr (Waiting on-site for more then 30 mins) If on-site for a total of 1.5hrs will be an additional $190 Tow Bill: If our truck or equipment gets stuck on your property and requires a tow truck to pull us out the Tow Bill will be transferred to the Customer and may be subject to additional Labour Fees/ Wait Fees @ $95/hr. Damages: Customer shall not allow any damage to our equipment or bins in the duration of rental. In the event of significant damage is present during pick up, repairs will be appraised and the supplied credit card will be charged within 7 business days after pickup. NO HAZARDOUS WASTE ALLOWED IN BINS!! See Our Rental Policy/ Agreement for more Information
  • What is Considered Hazardous Waste?
    Hazardous waste is considered; Freon Items; A/C units, Fridges, Freezers, etc. Asbestos Paints and Stains Oils, Transmissions & Antifreeze Fluids Batteries Fire Extinguishers Oil Filters & Containers Gasoline Containers Solvents Household Cleaners Swimming Pool Chemicals Pharmaceuticals Mercury Thermostats Pesticides Fertilizers Propane Tanks & Cylinders Needles & Syringes (unless in approved containers) Explosives (fireworks, ammunition, flares, gun powder, etc) Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Will the Bin fit in my Driveway?
    We have 2 different sizes of bins being: 10 yard = 7'x11'x 3.5' high 14 & 20 yard = 8'x14'x 3.5' or 5' high
  • I want the Regular Rate Bin Rental But what if I go over 1 Tonne?
    After the first 1 metric tonne you pay for what it weighs. For example; if the entire Bin weighs 1.5 metric tonnes, you will only be charged for the additional 0.5 tonnes.
  • Will the Bin Damage my Driveway?
    Our bins are driveway safe as we place wood underneath them right before we place the bin down to prevent any damage to your ashphalt or concrete driveway.
  • How big is the Truck? Will it be able to get the Bin placed in a Tight Spot?
    Our trucks require a certain clearance due to their size but typically we'll require 35' from the back of the bin on the ground to in front of our truck, 12' width and approximately 10' high. When we drop the bin our roll off rails get to a height of approximately 16' high. We will not drop the bin if our rails will get caught into tree branches or close to hydro wires and a different location will be required. The Exact Size of our Truck is: 27' long X 10' wide X 10' high
  • Where do you Service?
    Tor Contracing Inc. services Alliston, Angus, Barrie, Baxter, Beeton, Colgan, Creemore, Everett, Egbert, Glencairn, Innisfil, Innisfil Heights, Lisle, Loretto, Mansfeild, Mulmur, New Lowell, Shelburne, Stayner, Strongville, Thorton, Tottenham, Utopia & others. Click on the Book Now button, type in your Postal Code to see if we service your area & applicable pricing.
  • When will the Bin be Picked Up?
    Our Bin Rentals include a 7 day rental period, the bin will be picked up on the 8th day in the morning unless requested otherwise. For example: Delivery = Tuesday May 1 Rental Period Ended = Monday May 7 Pickup Date = Tuesday May 8 ; AM
  • What if I Need the Bin Dumped & Returned
    If you're bin is full and your not done you can contact us for a Dump & Return. Dump & Return: $185 +taxes (7 days added to rental from when bin is returned) (weight not included) 7 days is only added from the date the bin is returned and not added to the total rental period Rental Period Example: at the time of order if the Delivery Date is Mon. May 1st & Pickup Date is Mon. May 8th and the Dump & Returned is requested on Wed. May 3rd the Pickup Date will be changed to Wed. May 10th. Weight Example: (if tonnage price is $120/ tonne) Bin 1 weighs 1.5 tonnes, additional weight fees will be for 0.5 tonnes X $120/tonne Bin 2 weighs 2.5 tonnes, additional weight fees will be for 2.5 tonnes X $120/tonne
  • I just Booked a Bin Online and I didn't get a Confirmation?
    As soon as you complete the online booking process, you'll receive a confirmation email with all the information you provided, delivery and pickup dates, a copy of the invoice & a link to our Terms & Conditions. Once you receive this email within seconds later we'll receive the delivery slip and we'll be their to deliver the bin on the delivery date. Sometimes these emails will go to your Junk Mail or Spam. If not, it's possible the email was entered incorrectly and you can call us or email us to receive a copy.
  • Do you offer Weekend Rates? I only need the Bin for 2 days?
    We do not offer a specialty weekend rate. Our Rental Rates consist of either a 3 day rental term or a 7 day rental term. With our 3 Day Rental the bin can be booked for Friday delivery & Monday pickup For 3 day rentals please use the coupon code 3DAYRENT Any additional days is $25/ day
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